What is Newlette Classic?

Newlette Classic is a newly developed, proprietary, single-player betting game. A human player competes by betting against computer players to win the total game pot. The human player has one opportunity to place a bet.

At the outset the player is unaware of the number of computer opponents or the total pot. The player’s bet represents a purchase of a share of the Newlette wheel (the total pot). There are maximum and minimum bet amounts. The game allows for a minimum of two and a maximum of five players. These rules govern the theoretical minimum and maximum pot sizes. The number of computer opponents is determined randomly (between 1 and 4).

The pot consists of the player’s actual bet plus a random bet from each of the computer opponents (less a rake for the house). The player becomes aware of the total game pot and his ownership percentage of the Newlette wheel only after he has placed his bet. The player’s share of the wheel (pot) is determined by the ratio of that player’s bet to the total bets.

The game starts after the player has bet and the ownership of the wheel is randomly finalized. The Newlette wheel is spun and a ball is dropped in a similar fashion to Roulette. The game’s winner is determined as the player who owns the segment of the wheel in which the ball lands.

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