What is Newlette Battle?

Newlette Battle is a newly developed, proprietary, multi-player betting game for up to five people. Players compete by betting against other humans to win the total game pot. The pot consists of each player’s bets during the game (less a rake for the house). There are two rounds of betting.

In each round a player bets against his opponent(s) to own a share of the Newlette wheel (which graphically represents the pot, and each player’s share). The player’s share of the wheel (pot) is determined by the ratio of that player’s bets to the total bets of the table. A player is able to forgo his/her bet during a round.

The player is able to see the build-up of the pot and his share of the wheel during the betting rounds.

The game starts after the two rounds of betting are completed and the ownership of the wheel is finalized. The Newlette wheel is spun and a ball is dropped in a similar fashion to Roulette. The game’s winner is determined as the player who owns the segment of the wheel in which the ball lands.

The player’s probability of winning a game is increased by the greater amount of bets relative to other opponents (because the player’s share of the Newlette wheel increases). Larger proportionate bets, however, decreases player’s payout odds. The player is therefore faced with interesting strategic decisions during the two betting rounds where he determines his risk / reward appetite for the game.

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