What is Krazee Millions?

Krazee Millions is a 15 reel slot game driven by the chic Newlette engine. It’s a spectacular slot game that allows players to choose their custom winning mode that best suits their playing style. The game contains a clever re-spin feature on each line as well as a bonus game where £100,000 GUARANTEED is up for grabs.
The excitement builds around a bonus multiplier that is then applied to wins in the bonus game.

Players can choose to either pick BIG WINS, MEDIUM WINS and FREQUENT WINS. This means that they can opt for payouts at 50%, 60% or 70%. Yes, you can configure your play and payouts for the first time ever with Newlette. Get your strategy correct and make casinos pay!!!

You get to hold big win paylines and re-spin on other paylines to increase the size of your payouts!

Get 3 Wilds in a game and you increase your bonus multiplier. Hit as many wilds before entering the bonus game and the game multiplies your bonus wins.
HINT: Use the re-spin feature to rack up those Bonus Wilds and increase your Multiplier.

As you continue to win, the bonus bar fills up to 100%. On reaching 100%, the bonus game unlocks. You then get to match avatar. Hit 3 Pigs and you walk away with £100,000 Guaranteed.
Any wins in the bonus game is then multiplied by your WILDS MULTIPLIER.

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