Newlette CRM Services

Newlette have always focused on Customer Relationship Management ahead of mass acquisitions. You have to keep your existing customers happy and profitable before you head out and spend a truck load on new acquisitions. It’s a lot of hard work and endless amounts of time is spent on understanding your customers before you can service their individual needs.

Our team of experienced marketers and data scientists have taken CRM to a new level. We now allow the data, trends and good old experience to help us decipher the age-old question; What do customers want? It’s not an easy question to answer given customer’s requirement and behaviors change very often. sometimes daily.

Newlette uses machine learning algorithms to model player behavior, map trends and recommend custom services to individual clients.

We develop:

  • Bespoke retention strategies for each customer
  • VIP tracks for high end customers
  • Segmenting customers by behavior, value and preference
  • We use a variety of communication channels including email, SMS, outbound calling, push messaging and sometimes a friendly visit
  • A/B testing campaigns to ensure best results
  • Certifying all communications are both Regulatory and Spam compliant

Newlette CRM strives to use science to increase customer lifetime value, loyalty and entertainment.

We give the right customer, the right offer at the right time.