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Who is Newlette?

Do you want to know a secret? Promise you wont tell? We love to gamble! Yes, just like you we love the thrill of the spin, the sound of the ball as it drops in the slot and the sweet sweet sounds of coins falling from the sky when we win. So when we invented Newlette games we focused on one thing and one thing only... players.

After speaking to thousand of real players we took our combined 20 years in the casino business and invented games that players love.

So stop reading and start playing and find out why so many of our fans agree with our company motto "winning never gets old"

Newlette Games - Fun facts

Is it true that a player will win on every spin of Newlette battle?

Does newlette classic have bigger percentage payouts than casino slots?

Do I really get to re-spin any losing line on Krazy Millions and make it a winner?

Are Newlette games fully licensed and regulated by gaming authority?

Is the old man in the Newlette TV commercial the inventor of blackjack?

Should you stop reading about our games and start playing them?

We know you love us

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*Does Steve Carell endorse Newlette ? We wish. The video of Steve was made to surprise Newlette’s friend Andy Chin who is a big fan. Steve did this video to help a charity and this made us all like him even more.

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